08/27/15 6:02 AM

Gujarat Patel Agitation-Lok Satta JP’s Solution


Lok Satta leader Jayaprakash Narayan reacted over Gujarat’s agitation taking place demanding inclusion of Patels in OBC category for reservations. Here is the solution and comments made by JP over the matter:




“No child must be held back because of accident of birth . We need a sensible, effective, fair model. Zero-sum approach to reservations deepened caste divisions without helping truly poor, deserving kids to advance in life . Time for reform.

Gujarat Patel agitation for OBC status should start a serious debate on rationalizing reservations . We need creative response – not conflict. Reservations so far limited benefits to a few well-educated families in upper strata. Real poor among SCs & OBCs are on the margins. Poor among OCs are resentful & helpless. Except well-off families in reserved communities, all others feel betrayed. We need changes.”


gujarat agitation - jayprakash narayan solution


Korada’s Opinion:

The solution points put forward by JP are achievable. But those politicians and government employees who were established financially because of the programmes are against it. Government has no courage to make its employees work efficiently. Our political leaders who are scared of employees’ unions will never implement these points. In a country like our’s where there are leaders who are desperate for power, irrespective of how pathetic their country’s position is, no one has the courage and strength to take part in this kind of meaningful debate! Media that writes pages and pages of epics about people like Hardik Patel who agitate people has no time and space to publish great views and solutions provided by efficient leaders. Our people will never vote for people like you who are intellectuals! How can we step forward? Only if educated and efficient youth takes over leadership, change is possible in the country.



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