11/16/15 1:39 PM

Guns & Thighs: The Auto Biography of RGV




Guns & Thighs is what Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) titled his auto-biography. The name has now become a hot topic in film industry. RGV hits the nail on the head. Such a person titling his auto-biography as ‘Guns & Thighs’ is generating anxiety as to who he will fire guns at and whose thighs he is going to discuss. When producer Murari wrote his auto-biography way back, it has created sensation. Since it was long time ago, debates etc were not held on TV channels as he is believed to possess olden ideologies. But RGV is a sensational, controversial director who holds close relations with several biggies in Indian Film Industry. With this, many celebs in film industry are worried over what and who RGV is going to mention in his Guns & Thighs. We have to wait to see if Ram Gopal Varma really writes about guns and thighs in his book or he put up the title only for the sake of publicity.



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