10/20/15 12:53 PM

Hanging To-Let Board? Be Careful!




Thefts are being committed day and night without any difference now-a-days. Whenever they get a chance, robbers are looting houses. Earlier, they sketched plans and maps initially and then robbed houses. But now, they have changed their style. They became much clever. Thieves are mainly focusing on houses which have to-let boards hanged outside. They enter the house under pretext of renting houses. Once they realize that there is no one else in the house, they go ahead with their work.

Similar incident took place in Warangal in which two men who saw a to-let board hanging outside a house entered it to speak to owner about renting the house. While talking to a lady owner, they came to know that she was alone in the house. Then they suddenly rushed past her into the house and started breaking lockers to rob any ornaments or money. They attacked the lady owner who tried to stop them. She shouted on top of her voice and neighbors gathered at the house. They caught hold of the two men and handed them over to police. Neighbors were alerted with the incident. They are worried about hanging to-let boards outside their houses.



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