03/19/16 6:10 PM

HC Orders to Shut down Dhanunjay Travels


Private travels have turned troublesome to public. They charge huge amounts during festive seasons. There are no proper facilities during regular days. If someone tries to demand, they drop them in the midst of nowhere and leave. There is no solution for complaints. The High Court has finally lashed at such transport companies that are going beyond limits. The HC has ordered to shut down Dhanunjay travels whose bus recently met with an accident in Vijayawada.

Medicos complained that the driver of their bus was drunk and asked for replacement but the management of Dhanunjay Travels took no care. The High Court has considered news over the accident as PIL and expressed displeasure over the way government is behaving regarding the case. HC judges fired on transport departments of both Telugu states.

When asked about details of the travels, Telangana government remained dumb. The government does not even know who the company operates under. Even four days after the incident took place government took no interest in knowing about the management of the transport company, which infuriated High Court judges. The HC has ordered that Dhanunjay Travels should be shut down. Also the court sent notices to the two governments to explain what precautions they will take to ensure that drivers of buses are not drunk. Let us hope this brings about better transport services.



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