10/17/15 11:28 AM

HDFC Instant Loans at ATM




ATM-Automated Teller machine..But we consider ATM as Any Time Money as they provide us the facility to conduct transactions without stepping into banks. ATM will now offer Any Time Loans as well.

ATMs sanction loans? Amazing offer, isn’t it? For those who keep circling banks for loans, this comes as a pleasant surprise. And yes, it is true that ATMs will now grant loans instantly. Best private sector bank HDFC has launched this special feature.

HDFC has added Any Time Loan to Any Time Money. The bank introduced the feature to grant loans within minutes. When a customer requests for loan, the bank checks his account and grants loan on spot. All that an account holder has to do to avail these spot loans is to login to net banking. Soon after finishing formalities, requested amount will be deposited in customer’s bank account. The entire process will finish in just 10 minutes. Meanwhile, HDFC is updating its ATMs by adding a special feature to make the feature available in various places. Through this, the customer’s entire credit history will be known.



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