05/22/15 5:41 AM

Heat Waves in Telugu States; 225 Die of Sun Stroke

Heat sun ap telangana

Heat sun ap telangana


The two telugu states have been witnessing extreme heat since past 4 days. Hot winds blowing in the states, people are facing intolerable heat. Sun stroke has killed 78 in AP and 147 in Telangana. Record temperatures are being noticed in Hyderabad. Temperature in the city yesterday was 44.3 degrees. The highest recorded day time temperature in Hyderabad was 45.5 degrees in 1966. Weather forecasting center announced that there could be real high temperatures noticed in the coming two days. It also said that temperature on Friday could possibly reach 45 degress and might reach 47 degrees in next two days. Heat waves will continue showing their effect. The meteorological department advised people not to go outside between 9 am and 4 pm unless it is necessary. Mainly children, aged people and pregnant women are asked by doctors to stay home. In case one has to go out, they are advised to step out with all necessary care and protection from sun.


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