05/25/16 12:06 PM

Helmet is Compulsory to fill Petrol


Authorities are implementing strict measures over not using of helmet. They have sketched a new plan against bikers escaping without wearing helmets. New rules are going to be implemented in this regard. One can fill petrol in his bike only if he sports a helmet. Yes, you heard it right. Those who do not wear helmets will not be eligible to enter fuel stations. The rule is presently restricted to Adilabad district alone.

Adilabad collector has formulated this rule since people in the district were paying deaf ear to promotions that bikers should wear helmet. The rule will  come into practice from 2nd June. Officials have convened with petrol dealers to discuss the same. RDOs and DTCs passed orders that petrol should not be sold to those bikers who don’t sport helmet.

70%  deaths occurring in road accidents are due to head injuries. If helmets are made compulsory, 90% of these deaths can be avoided. This is the reason officials say they are very strict over the matter. They say that banners will be erected at fuel stations and the rule will be implemented strictly from 2nd june.

Earlier, one such rule was implemented in a district in Uttar Pradesh and it was a success. If it is successful in Adilabad district as well, the rule might come into implementation all over Telangana.



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