10/7/15 5:38 PM

Hero Demands Rs.100 Cr Remuneration to Play Villain in Robot-2


Director Shankar seems not to have cleared way for Robot-2 yet. In the Rs.250 crore budget film, Shankar initially tried to rope in Vikram or Kamal Haasan as villain. He later approached Bollywood stars Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan with the idea that Robot-2 could create a great market in North as well. But the heroes rejected the offer. Shankar’s plans are very high this time. He directly approached Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger to play villain’s role in Robot-2. After Shankar put his proposal forward, Arnold sought remuneration of literally Rs.100 crore to act in Shankar’s film. As it came as a shocker to the director, he returned.


rajinikanth shankar arnold shwarzenegger


Superstar Rajinikanth’s remuneration as hero of Robot-2 is R.40 crore. The amount that should be given away to Shankar as a director and all other actors, technicians would amount to approximately Rs.50 crore. So, if Rs.100 crore is to be given to Arnold alone out of the total budget Rs.250 crore, a total of Rs.190 crore should be given away only as remuneration. This means that Shankar is supposed to make the film that requires highly advanced graphic technology and high end graphics. However, Shankar is giving it a thought because making Arnold the villain in Robot-2 will generate good international market for the film. But this requires the budget to be increased by Rs.100 crore. So, Shankar is currently discussing the matter with Production company Lyca Productions.



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