05/21/15 9:32 AM

Hero to India; Zero to AP

narendra modi hero india ap zero

He is a hero for the entire nation. He is a leader. He is believed to be sent by God to develop India, exaggerate a few. A person who appears like a great leader to all in India appears to AP as a great tricker. He is none other than Narendra Modi.


narendra modi hero india ap zero


Narendra Modi who won with a very high majority and crowned the PM is deceiving people of Andhra Pradesh to the core. Though it has been one year of his rule as the PM, he accomplished no promise that he delivered to people of AP. He crashed hopes of people on special status of Andhra Pradesh. Polavaram project has been kept aside, offering tax incentives to industries in North Andhra and Rayalaseema has not been implemented. Modi who told people of AP that we all together will build the state’s capital much better than Delhi for AP is not even attending the foundation stone laying ceremony of the capital city. Funds are anyway not released by him for building capital. Thus, he has been cheating people of AP ever since he came into power. He who gave 1 lakh crore to Bihar to win the election has not even given one-fourth of the sum to Andhra Pradesh. He who had promised that share would be given to respective states that consist of coal fields from distribution of coal is saying that it would not apply to the gas extraction and export that is being done from AP’s KG basin. While Sonia Gandhi cheated India by dividing the state with no income to AP and also no capital, Modi totally drowned AP with his all talk and no action. Narendra Modi might be a hero to entire India but to people of AP, who totally trusted him but were deceived by him, Modi is a big Zero!


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