01/11/16 3:29 PM

Heroine Calls Balakrishna with Nickname


Anjali is the heroine who remained center of attraction at Dictator audio launch by addressing Balakrishna as ‘Bala’ several times. Senior artists, directors and technicians usually take utmost care while speaking to Nandamuri Balakrishna because talk in Telugu film nagar says that if anyone commits a mistake in the matter of respect and behavior with the actor, the person will have to face problem.




A heroine calling with nickname, such a senior actor who is very particular, is a shock to many. One fine day, when media persons asked Anjali how she could dare to call Balakrishna that way, she mentioned that the actor himself asked her to call him ‘Bala’. Anjali said that her role in Dictator is a good one and tapping feet along with Balakrishna is an unforgettable experience.

Dictator unit mentioned that Balayya was moving about freely with Anjali on sets and has been friendly with her for the reasons that she is a Telugu girl and also the actor likes her performance in Seethamma Vaaitlo Sirimalle Chettu a lot.



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