02/27/16 12:47 PM

Heroine Fights with Mother at PS


Actress Swathi Reddy (Love fame) and her mother lodged complaints against each other with the Banjara Hills police. Also they fought with each other at the PS.
Swathi Reddy ‘s mother Nagendramma filed complaint with police that her daughter was found missing. She mentioned that a man named Srinivas Reddy of Guntur trapped Swathi and kidnapped her. At the same time, her actress daughter registered complaint against her mother. She mentioned that she was not kidnapped by anyone and she willingly went away from her house due to differences related to property with her mother.
As argument heated up between Swathi Reddy and her mother, the two started quarreling. Policemen stopped them both and sent them home after providing counselling to them. They are now investigating the matter.



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