07/29/15 9:47 AM

High Court Orders to Shift Prathyusha to KCR’s House

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The High Court ordered that Prathyusha who was harassed by step mother and father should be shifted to Telangana CM KCR’s house. Measures have to be taken to not allow media or lawyers to interact with the girl, said HC. Prathyusha who was discharged from hospital was presented at High court today, where Chief justice spoke separately to the girl for about 25 minutes. She elaborated to the Chief Justice, promises made by Chief Minister KCR. The CM was appreciated by Chief Justice for his initiative to take the entire responsibility of the child.


KCR2 (1)


CM KCR along with his family recently visited Prathyusha who was being treated in hospital. He spoke to the girl and offered his support to her. Later when KCR spoke, he said that he will provide shelter for Prathyusha in his own place, lookafter her like his own child, provide good education to her and even get her married later. The High Court made its decision after taking promises made by KCR into account.



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