10/8/15 5:52 PM

Hike Direct Works Without Internet Now




Instant messaging app Hike can now be used without internet also to send messages and files. This is made possible with the launched Hike Direct feature that allows users to send messages offline as well. The new feature includes transfer of heavy files, stickers. “At a point of time in the country where several people are yet to come online, Hike Direct will connect users in a never before seen revolutionary way. The feature can work without Wi-Fi or mobile data and allow users to send photos, stickers, files and messages to anyone who is also on the Hike network,” said Hike Founder and CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal.




Files as large as 70 MB can be transferred in just 10 seconds, she said. 2,000 crores of messages are reportedly being sent by Hike users per month and they are spending a minimum of 140 minutes per week on the app. The feature is made available using WiFi Direct technology and requires smart phone to be present within 100-meter radius, beyond which Hike Direct stops working. An in-app group calling feature that connects up to 100 people at a time has been launched by Hike recently.



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