08/12/15 9:00 AM

Hillary Clinton is an Email Away from Prison: Bobby Jindal

bobby jindal hillary clinton

bobby jindal hillary clinton


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made sensational comments on Hillary Clinton, the former United States Secretary of Office and wife of former American President Bill Clinton saying that Hillary is only an email away from going to jail. Bobby said that she will surely serve prison once he sends the email containing all that she had done. Jindal said he will put forward during proceedings how Clinton used a private server in her home to send and receive messages when she was secretary of state. Bobby accused Hillary of using her private server during that time thought it contained ‘Top Secret’ mails. Bobby Jindal made these comments as a part of election campaign for the Presidential elections. It is known that Bobby Jindal from Republican party and Hillary Clinton from Democratic party are contesting in America’s Presidential elections.



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