04/15/16 10:26 AM

Hit Director Elopes with Popular Producer ‘s Daughter?


In a shocking news, it is reported that young hit director Sriram Adittya, who made his debut with Sudheer Babu ‘s Bhale Manchi Roju has eloped with a popular producer ‘s daughter. According to the reports pouring in from the sources in film nagar, the young director eloped with a popular producer ‘s daughter whose wedding has been fixed with some other person. The producer fixed the marriage of his daughter to be held on April 17th for which arrangements are being made. Meanwhile, they realized that the bride went missing. After basic inquiry, the producer realized that his daughter has eloped with Sriram Adithya, say sources. The couple is yet to be traced. The producer also did not attempt to lodge any sort of complaint with the police or media as he felt that it might damage his reputation. He is trying though his own ways to find out the pair. We learnt that the director and the daughter of producer have been seeing each other since long time. Being left with no other alternative, they ran away.



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