12/3/15 3:10 PM

Honey Singh’s Music Scares Wild Boars Away




Yo Yo Honey Singh, the popular Indian rapper needs no intro. He makes youth go crazy with Indo-western fusion music. The Bollywood singer cum actor is making entire world go crazy with his tunes. He also rocks the dance floor and has got fans all around the world. The remuneration he charges per song is Rs.70 lakhs.

Why are we discussing Honey Singh now? Because… farmers have also joined Yo Yo Honey Singh’s fan club. True! Farmers in Nainital of Uttarakhand are now behind Honey Singh. They are saying that it is because of him that their agricultural lands are yielding crop satisfactorily. They are happy that the problem of wild boars is especially gone.

Wondering how Yo Yo Honey Singh is related to wild boars? Going into detail… Farmers in Nainital are happy that wild boars are running away from their place when Honey Singh’s songs are played. They say that the animals are not even daring to come back. In the Dhari village of Nainital, wild boars are a menace for the farmers. They destroy crop. Farmers had tried all possible ways but in vain. They put up fences, tied sarees to stop them, made big sounds but none worked. A farmer named Bishon had an idea. He set up loud speakers around his farming lands and started playing pop singer Honey Singh’s songs in high volume. With this, wild boars started running away from the lands. They are so scared that they even stopped going towards Bishon’s lands. The man says that he did this when he recollected elders’ words that wild boars do not come to a place where they hear sounds from people.

Since the plan worked out, all other farmers in the village also started implementing the same. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs have turned a hot topic. Thus most of them escaped from the menace of wild boars.



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