10/30/15 5:35 PM

Hot Beauty Rejects Liquor Endorsement

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Taapsee Pannu, the hot actress, having appeared in South Indian as well as Hindi films, is naturally a star always in the limelight. Though she does not have many offers in Telugu film industry, her fan-base never faded. She recently turned down a liquor brand endorsement. Usually when actresses are not getting proper opportunities in films, the advertisement shoots and other photo shoots are the ones that help them to get back to the path they wish to stay in. But unexpectedly, Taapsee turned down one such offer.
She has revealed the details to the media stating that she was approached to endorse a liquor brand. Being a teetotaler, she never wanted to propogate something that is related to this type of products. “I endorse brands because I think it helps my audience to form an image of how I am in real. I only endorse products I use or believe in. And this liquor brand definitely doesn’t feature in that list” Taapsee revealed about rejecting the endorsement.

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