03/18/16 4:48 PM

How is Indrani Mukherjea Now?

Sheena-Bora-Indrani-Mukerjea daughter murder

Do you remember Indrani Mukherjea? Infact, how can anyone forget her! Numerous twists, meaningless relationships and many more.. Indrani is the lady who was desperate for luxurious life and had relationships with various men with none of them knowing about the others. She was the woman who introduced her daughter as her sister to the world and managed to continue. She was the person who killed her daughter Sheena who was in her early twenties and hid her body more like a criminal would do. The thief will be caught at some point of time or the other. The same thing happened in case of Indrani Mukherjea. Indrani who enjoyed lavish life as Page 3 personality is now deprived of modern dresses, makeup, cars and is left with normal clothes, police jeeps. Her life has been entirely reversed and it is clearly evident physically. Her appearance says it all. See what Indrani is like in the below picture.






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