11/13/15 11:45 AM

How Many Capitals for AP? Two..Three..Four?




The question is seemingly foolish. But when the number of capitals of AP is questioned, it cannot certainly be answered now. Andhra Pradesh now has Hyderabad as its capital. Atleast for next 9 years, Hyderabad will continue as the state’s capital. So, Hyderabad can be termed as the first capital of Andhra Pradesh post bifurcation. State government has declared Vijayawada as temporary capital of the state. Many ministers including the Chief Minister shifted to the place but employees are reluctant. If the entire shifting is done, Vijayawada will be the second capital of Seemandhra. Amaravathi will be the proper capital city of Andhra Pradesh and it takes a minimum period of four years for construction. Once full pledged construction of Amaravthi is done, it will become the third capital of AP. Some Rayalaseema leaders who are dissatisfied about building capital city in Andhra are demanding to atleast set up summer capital in their region. The reason for their demand is that Madanapally in Chittoor and Horsley Hills region are suitable places for summer. If this happens, Horsley Hills becomes the fourth capital of Andhra Pradesh. Will northern Andhrites stay calm if summer capital is approved in Rayalaseema? They might start demanding that Araku is much colder than those places and summer capital be built there. Thus Andhra politics are revolving around capital city right now. So, tell us now…how many capitals does AP have? Two..three..four??



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