04/18/16 2:45 PM

How much did NTR Spend for Car Number?

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Young tiger NTR is crazy about fancy numbers. Not just the actor but many others are obsessed with fancy numbers but NTR has gone way beyond. For the number of a brand new BMW that he purchased recently, the Nannaku Prematho star has spent lakhs of rupees. In the auction of car numbers held at Khairatabad RTA office, Jr. NTR won the number 9999 for a whopping amount of Rs. 11 lakhs. He won the registration number TS 09 EL 9999 after competing with three others during the auction.

There is a story behind NTR ‘s craze for fancy car numbers. Way back, junior wanted 1s on his car number plate. The number 1111 is not very tough to acquire but NTR wanted all 1s ie., including the district code. In past, the code 01 was that of Adilabad district in AP. NTR faked an Adilabad address and registered a car. Officers also approved with greed for money. After some time, someone complained about the fake address. This was what happened in past. However, the actor has no such filmy style hurdles. Congrats to NTR on buying his new car and acquiring his favorite number.



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