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How Much does an Indian Bribe Police & Govt officials Annually?





Bribe is a curse on common people in India. Right from a small accountant to a central minister, a disease that is possessed by most of the government officials is ‘bribery’. Persons affected with this disease should have to be bribed to do every job, failing which they are not interested in accomplishing it. Government has been paying them salaries. But these bribery-diseased persons always intend looting money from commoners.

How much is an Indian bribing on an average per year?


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Two elements namely bribery and corruption have been playing major role in pulling India back from developing. 95% of the citizens in the country are being trapped by the ailment named bribery. This news was revealed in a survey conducted by National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). It found that the epidemic prevailed right from metro cities to cornered villages in India. The NCAER made clear that an urban Indian household, on an average is spending Rs.4,400 on bribing officials and rural household, Rs.2,900 annually.

The National Council of Applied Economic Commerce conducted this survey on Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra states, which revealed some interesting facts. Some bribe for job opportunities, some for transfers, some for completion of their work in government offices… in some way or the other, people have been offering bribe to government employees. Huge amounts are bribed for leakage of governmental decisions, contracts etc, say reports. Though government has been promising to see that welfare programmes do not involve corruption, those services are not being made available for the poor without offering bribe. In order to avail schemes like Rural job guarantee, public distribution system, Indira Aawas Yojna, social security programmes and scholarships, all demand bribe.

Bribe – Minimum & Maximum Amount..







Coming to the amount of bribe offered… Right from a minimum of 100 rupee note to a maximum of hundreds of cores are being offered as per requirement under the brand ‘bribe’, revealed the survey reports. It was found that on an average, Rs. 18 thousand is being offered to officials and politicians per transfer or per a job. Traffic policemen are receiving a bribe of Rs. 600 from each family annually.Hawkers and those who own roadside tea stalls, fast food and junk food stalls are paying an amount of Rs.1,100 per month as bribe.

Another interesting outcome of the survey is that money earned through bribes is increasing the black money in the country. The economy researchers said that in case they are controlled, black money can be set right.


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