08/24/15 10:08 AM

How Much Share did Srimanthudu Collect in 13 Days?


Prince Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu directed by Koratala Siva is a tremendous hit. Producers and distributors are overjoyed with the success and collections being made by Srimanthudu. It made record collections during first week and continued the same during second week as well.




Srimanthudu Shares Collected during 1st week:

Nizam: 14,38,19,624, Ceded: 7,70,74,596, Vizag: 3,16,16,902, East: 3,67,98,037, West: 3,04,38,000, Guntur: 3,64,30,992, Krishna: 2,86,44,572, Nellore: 1,37,29,123, Karnataka: 7,30,45,287, Tamil Nadu: 2,36,12,157, North India: 2,50,27,721, USA: 9,38,46,569 (gross: 15,64,10949), Overseas (Excluding the US): 5,17,15,476 (gross: 8,38,79,152).

Srimanthudu Share Collected in 13 Days is Rs.87,03,29,788 (87 crore 3 lakh 29 thousand 788 rupees).

Within 13 days, Srimanthudu collected Rs.18,43,11,725 in Nizam, Rs.10,15,65,608 in ceded, Rs.4,33,57,066 in Vizag, Rs.4,73,34,263 in East, Rs.3,70,26,988 in Krishna, Rs.4,71,05,003 in Guntur, Rs.1,78,09,915 in Nellore, Rs.3,66,50,900 in West, Rs.9,50,28,190 in Karnataka, Rs.3,50,84,970 in North India and Orissa, Rs.3,49,66,250 in Tamil Nadu, Rs.11,58,94,000 share in USA, Rs.7,42,00,000 share overseas (excluding the U.S)… A sensational total of Rs.87,03,29,788 share was collected by Srimanthudu, say buyers. In Kakinada, Srimanthudu collected Rs.1,15,00,000 and above Rs.1,00,00,000 in Guntur in 11 days after release.



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