11/9/15 3:59 PM

How Rats Affected BJP Elections..




Wondering how rats could have affected Bihar elections? It is true. Here are a few details that reveal the tactics of senior politician Lalu Prasad Yadav.

The topic under discussion in the nation before Bihar elections was cow slaughter and consumption of beef. Since cow is regarded holy by Hindus, some Hindu organizations started protesting against killing cows for meat. A person was killed in Dadri due to allegations that he consumed beef. Bihar elections arrived when serious discussion steered on beef ban in the entire nation. During election campaigning, firing on BJP, Lalu said to people in Bihar, ‘They now ask not to consume beef saying that it is sacred to them. In future they say that rat is their Lord Ganesha’s carrier and ask not to eat them. Every person has the right to decide what he eats. None has the right to oppose it’.

Lalu uttering the words rat meat itself proves his wit. Jitan Ram Manjhi who won with the support of Nitish Kumar and later joined BJP, against Nitish, belongs to Maha Dalit community. This is a strategy used by Lalu to prevent votes from that community being casted to BJP. The actual reason is that people belonging to Maha Dalit community eat rats. Lalu achieved his goal by mentioning to people that BJP will not let them eat rats in future. There are about 3% votes of Maha Dalits, which were cast to Nitish Kumar.



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