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How Salman Devastated that Man’s Life..!




It has been proved once again through Salman’s case that everyone is equal in the eyes of law. Salman Khan might have transformed into a great human being, he might have done so much for others in recent days. Salman might have lost the bad image that he had when he entered film industry. But he being punished for the mistakes committed by him in the past is definitely justifiable.

Many are seeing unjustness in Salman Khan’s verdict as they say that he is very soft hearted and charitable. Many expressed grief and sympathy towards Salman. Here are a few examples…

Salman is such a gentle person, he helped so many needy, “Hurts to think of what could happen. We will always be with you. Hope the judge sees the beauty of a human being that Salman Khan is”, tweeted Parineeti Chopra.

“Salman is genuinely a very good human being. No one should be sleeping on the road or footpath. The govt should be responsible for housing ppl.If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody” tweeted designer Farah Khan Ali.

“Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I ws homles an year nvr slept on rd” (If a man sleeps on the road, he will die a dog’s death), tweeted bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

“Salman is a great human who serves the poor” – Shakti Kapoor.

Salman Khan’s fans saying that court has done injustice to Salman Khan by sentencing him to 5 years. In support of Salman, they even protested on roads. This way, right from megastar Chiranjeevi to a Salman Khan fan, everyone is worried about punishment offered to Salman. Many ‘kind hearted’ people are in support of Salman Khan who recklessly drove after excessive consumption of alcohol, killing a person and severely injuring 4 others.

But, here is a story upon reading which you will regret your decision of supporting Salman Khan. In case you do not, you must be inhumane.

Apart from the present scenario, if we consider past life of Salman Khan, everything done by him was villainous.


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