03/22/16 11:15 AM

How YSR Hijacked Lok Satta ‘s Agenda!


YS Rajasekhar Reddy has cleverly overthrown Lok Satta JP who landed in politics with the idea of bringing about changes in the country and cleansing the political system. Along with agendas like electoral reforms and authority to local bodies which cannot be understood by common people, JP also added two infrastructure issues that can be understood by them to his agenda. They are education and health. JP ‘s plan is to reach out for people with these two problems. Lok Satta is the only party that initiated the agenda of free quality education and food into public. The then Chief Minister YSR who realized the super power of these two has left Lok Satta with no popular agenda by hijacking theirs’ introducing two amazing schemes. The two schemes are Arogya Sri and Fee reimbursement.

JP founded the Lok Satta Party in October, 2006 and reached public with the concepts of education and health. YSR who got to know through Intelligence sources, the response obtained by JP, introduced Rajiv Arogya Sri scheme in Mahbubnagar in April, 2007. By introducing Arogra Sri that provides corporate cure for all deadly diseases, YS removed a popular concept from Jok Satta ‘s agenda. One year after this ie., in the year 2008, YS has also snapped the second concept ‘education’ from Lok Satta ‘s agenda by introducing fee reimbursement scheme. While YS once again came into power in 2009, the Lok Satta that lost its agenda has gained only one seat.

It is noteworthy that before 2009, schemes like Arogya Sri and Fee reimbursement were not prevalent in other states like Tamil Nadu etc which spend excessively on welfare schemes. If Lok Satta party which was designed the very useful Arogya Sri and scheme that is extremely helpful to many students to pursue Engineering won atleast 10% votes in 2009 elections, the state politics would have been totally different.



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