05/10/16 12:50 PM

Huge Loss to BJP if TDP Quits NDA


Though the central government is showing empty hand to the state of AP in all regards, though it is clearly saying that it will not fulfill any of the aspects mentioned in state division act, the Telugu Desam Party is not breaking its association with center. Some say that TDP is still with the center since it is afraid that they would block any permissions that are to be granted regarding various affairs. However, quitting from the center is different from withdrawing support. Tasks can be fulfilled by supporting center from outside. Though there is full majority for Narendra Modi ‘s  party in the Lok Sabha, there is no scope for majority in Rajya Sabha in near future. Taking this as an advantage, Chandrababu can get things done by the center. He can join hands with Congress, BJP and some other parties. By taking support of leaders like Nithish Kumar, Mamatha Banerjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Arvind Kejriwal, fight for rights of the state can be initiated. Nithish Kumar ‘s part has 13 seats, Mamatha 12, Mulayam Singh Yadav 15, Shiv Sena 3 and TDP has 6 seats in the Rajya Sabha. There are chances of Kejriwal ‘s AAP gaining seats from Delhi to Punjab soon. So, in this group, there are about 40 Rajya Sabha positions and they will increase in future. There is suspicion that YCP and TRS will join NDA if TDP quits but these parties have not much strength as of now in Rajya Sabha. Center is presently in a state where it is unable to pass bills through Rajya Sabha due to lack of majority. This is the perfect time to safeguard the rights of the state and get the aspects in state division act fulfilled. Chandrababu can play a game with Modi. So, will he utilize the opportunity? Will Chandrababu put his position aside for one in his 40-year-old political career and think of public?



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