09/18/15 11:44 AM

Husband Sticks Nude Posters of Wife




A filthy husband who was angry with his wife got her nude photos printed and stuck them on walls in their village. This shameful incident took place in a village called Bangarupet near Bengaluru. A 65-year-old man named Venkatappa is married to two women. His first wife often argued with him to leave the second. Since Venkatappa did not obey these words, she left for her mother’s house along with their daughter. This angered Venkatappa and he decided to take revenge. He clicked photos of the wife when they both were intimate, got them printed and stuck them on walls all around the village. The woman’s relatives who witnessed the posters were shocked at once. They tore all those posters of her and set them on fire. The woman lodged a complaint with police, who said that they had registered a case and are investigating Venkatappa after arresting him.



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