07/24/15 9:50 AM

Hyderabad Culture Vs Building Amaravathi-KCR Vs Babu


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made shocking comments on Hyderabadis saying that it was only NTR who taught them to rise early in the morning. This rage a war of words between the two telugu states again. Telangana CM KCR countered Babu’s words saying “Where does Amaravathi stand when compared to Hyderabad? How can Amaravathi be compared to 400 year old historic Hyderabad?”




Considering Chandrababu’s words into account… Waking up early in the orning depends on the climatic conditions in a region. The climate in Hyderabad is cold, whwereas, it is hot in Seemandhra. It is difficult for people living in cold climate to rise early. Even though they wake up ear;y, people cannot go outside. So, Hyderabadis got used to sleeping late in the night and waking up late. The same is  followed all over North India. Coming to Seemandhra, as the climate is hot, people wake up early and go to work. Mainly in cities in Seemandhra, the crowd may be noticed early in a day.

After NTR became the CM of Andhra Pradesh, people of AP started migrating to Hyderabad and settling in the city. Since people of AP are habituated to waking up early in the morning, they followed the same in Hyderabad also. But they could not find tea or coffee outside early in the morning in the city. Gradually, Andhra people started setting up hotels, tiffin centres in Hyderabad, after which native Hyderabadis also started waking up early and going outside. However, not waking up early in the morning is no crime and waking up early is no greatness. Babu raged a dispute by saying ‘NTR taught Hyderabadis to wake up early in the morning’ as if it was a kind of favor to them. In addition to it, he said these words at the event in which Singapore team handed Amaravathi master plan to Chandrababu. So, KCR also gave an oral attack to him over Amaravathi.

As Seemandhra people are suffering the pain of losing Hyderabad, Amaravthi appeared wonderful to them. During the time when they were on cloud nine that they also have a great city and that they are soon getting a city that is much greater than Hyderabad, the comments made by CM KCR irritated the people of Andhra. ‘In addition to taking Hyderabad away, why should he make such comments when we are building our capital?’, fired seemandhra people. There is no mistake in the reaction being shown by people in both telugu states. But a pointed to be noted is that leaders make comments having in mind that people will definitely respond. What the CMs want is their people fighting over unnecessary issues. Because…that is when nobody will question the CMs, whatever they do. So, both KCR and Babu want their people to be immersed either in sentiment or in revolution.



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