01/25/16 11:52 AM

Hyderabad Houses 510 Millionaires


The number of rich people is rising in Hyderabad. Presently, there are 510 millionaires in the city, says Wealth Report – 2016. The Wealth Report listed cities in Asia Pacific countries that house the most number of rich people. National capital Delhi and financial capital Mumbai made it to the list. The wealth report states that the number of well to do in the cities increased by 300% during past 15 years. Mumbai occupied 12th position with 41,200 wealthy people and Delhi stood 20th with 20,600 of them. Japan’s capital Tokyo topped the list with as many as 2.64 lakh millionaires living in it. Wealth Report – 2016 estimates that Delhi and Mumbai will advance and make it to the top 3 on the list by 2025.



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