06/12/15 5:56 AM

Hyderabad is not a Happy City: Survey by LG

The famous electronics company LG conducted a survey to know people in which city in India are the happiest. Mumbai is the expensive city in India but are the people of Mumbai the happiest in the country? Many people in the city said that they are not so happy. When a survey was conducted to know in which place most of the people are living happily, the answer was found to be Chandigarh. The united capital of Punjab and Haryana, under the  administration of the central government is not only a beautiful city but also a happy city. When metro cities were considered, people in Delhi were found to be the happiest. People in Chandigarh, Lucknow, Delhi, followed by Chennai, Bengaluru cities are happy. The place where most people are not much happy is Guwahati. Hyderabad stands fourth from bottom in the list.


hyderabad happiness


When asked what happiness means, many said that having scope to spend more time with family is the answer. Having good relationship with family and friends, having total control of their lives in own hands, having chance to achieve what one wants… all these were the answers given by some people.


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