09/8/15 7:18 AM

Hyderabad Man to Click 1800 Selfies/Hr for World Record

selfie bhanu praksh

selfie bhanu praksh


A 24-year-old named Bhanu Prakash from Hyderabad is aiming at clicking 1800 selfies in an hour to set a new Guinness world record. Bhanu Prakash Racha is now challenging NFL star Patrick Peterson’s world record of 1449 selfies in an hour. The man has decided to take the challenge at a mall on 18th September. “Selfies aren’t just a girl thing. Boys click selfies too,” said Bhanu. He was inspired by Dwayne Johnson who clicked 105 selfies in 3 minutes. Bhanu studied pharmacy in G Pulla Reddy Pharmacy College. “I managed to click 1,700 selfies already and I am sure that I can click 1,800 in an hour,” said Bhanu.



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