11/27/15 5:48 PM

I Lost 75% of My Liver : Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh hepatitis liver

amitabh hepatitis liver


Big B Amitabh Bachchan made a revelation about his health condition. He said that he has lost 75% of his liver and is living with remaining 25% of it. When Amitabh spoke at Hepatitis B media awareness campaign, he said, “Almost 60 collective bottles of blood was pumped into me during my accident in Coolie. One infusion was carrying the dreaded virus Australian antigen Hep B. It remained in my body and silently ate up my liver, took away 75% of it until during a routine examination in the mid-2000s, say around 2004 or 5, it was discovered. I am now surviving on a 25% liver, under constant medication and being labelled as a Chronic Cirrhosis of the Liver condition – a condition normally described for alcoholics. But as all know, I do not drink. I went through a medical course and during all my ailments, I relied on medical experts and doctors in my country despite having the means to do go abroad but I had faith in the medical professionals and doctors of India. When we took a second opinion abroad, I found out that whatever diagnosis was commanded to me by Indian was no different from the foreign ones.”



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