04/14/15 11:04 AM

IAS Officer Does ‘Dirty Dance’, Gets Transferred..

He is an IAS officer. Besides acting in a film, he tapped feet along with the film’s crew at an item song. Photos and videos of the officer dancing have gone viral on the internet. Going into detail…

An IAS officer who took part in a movie shoot was transferred. The Jharkhand government has transferred an IAS Officer Dinesh Prasad for his ‘dirty dancing’ for an item number in a movie. The Giridh District’s Development Commissioner’s dance moves went viral and created protests after a video was shot and uploaded on the internet. The transfer order came after several newspapers published the photo of Dinesh Prasad dancing with an artiste for an item song. The officer was defending himself saying, “I was acting after duty hours and there is nothing wrong in taking part in a dance number”.

On the other hand, Jharkhand Mukthi Morcha started protesting against the film titled ‘Chilkhari EK Dard. as it involves highly controversial concept and demanded a ban on the film. The party confessed that the government failed to stay the film’s shoot and they are ready to go to a court on the issue. The movie titled ‘Chilkari Ek Dard’ is based on the 2011 massacre of 21 villagers by CPI (Maoists) and former Chief Minister Babu Lal Marandi’s son.

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