05/20/15 5:51 AM

If KCR does that, I will Accept him as GOD: RGV




RGV has been targeting KCR on twitter. Regarding Swacch Hyderabad campaign, Ram Gopal Varma made a few challenging posts aiming at KCR. He questioned, “Swacch Hyderabad, Swacch Telangana is fine. What about Swacch Musi river?”. He asserted how Swacch Hyderabad would be possible without Swacch Musi river. Ram Gopal Varma earlier compared KCR to Ileana and Nithya Menon and made headlines. Now he tweeted that he will accept KCR as all Gods incorporated into one person in case he is able to achieve Swacch Musi river.






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