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What Happens if YS Jagan Follows KCR’s Tactics?


YCP leader Jagan Mohan Reddy who lost Chief Minister’s post in previous elections with not much difference in votes is in ambiguity. He is unable to figure out how to operate as an opposition party leader or how to face a veteran politician like Chandrababu Naidu. Although big shots like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh from Delhi are passively supporting him and CM KCR, who could totally support him is in neighbouring state, Jagan is not able to take a step forward.




He did not even give government four months’ time to settle down. He started protesting before that period. 48-hour deekshas, tours etc.. Jagan’s condolence tour has turned a joke. Similarly, his other deekshas have also become comic. Public stopped taking them seriously. This is the reason there has been no expected response for his six-day deeksha. It is said that KCR is the inspiration behind YS Jagan’s deeksha. KCR held a movement, protest, resignations and finally became Chief Minister. Jagan is anxious to become a Chief Minister in the very same manner. But if Jagan follows KCR’s footsteps, he will definitely see himself in bad face because…..

1.Resignation drama by Lagadapati and Payyavula Keshav in 2009 has rooted sentiment in Telangana. Those who never expected separate Telangana were agitated by the manner Andhra MPs and MLAs rejected Chidambaram’s announcement. The intuition in people of Telangana that AP is snatching away their food has paved way for Telangana movement. No such sentiments or scenarios exist in Andhra Pradesh.

2.When KCR took up the movement, irresolute and uninfluential Rosaiah was the Chief Minister of united AP. Rosaiah’s inefficiency became the strength of KCR. AP state now has a powerful Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu. Babu is completely aware of how to restrain such protests.

3.Telangana has numerous Maoist revolutionaries, ex-maoists, etc. It is with their support that KCR grew as a leader. No such situation can be seen in Andhra Pradesh now. There is no such powerful force in AP. Though it exists, there are hardly any chances of the force supporting Jagan.

4.Media, due to some sympathy and some fear of KCR, stood on his side during Telangana movement. But now in AP, no media other than Jagan’s own would hype him or news related to him. In case any channel supports him and publishes news against Chandrababu, that channel would be stopped from airing at MSO.

5.Though there is lack of media support or support from so-called experts and limitations by government, movement can take birth if there is enough spirit among public, which does not exist in people of AP. Most people voted for their caste. There are very limited persons who voted keeping in mind the future of the state. For those who are bothered about wellness of their state, Chandrababu Naidu seems a better option than Jagan Mohan Reddy.

So, in case Jagan is in the idea of following KCR’s tactics to attain power through deekshas, resignations, he will have a bad face. A whole new weapon is essential for Jagan to defeat Babu. He has to wait either till he finds the weapon or till public lose faith in Chandrababu. Till then, there will be only pain and no gain for Jagan through deeksha!



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