05/29/15 6:21 AM

If YSR was Alive..


It has been a year since the state of united Andhra Pradesh has been bifurcated, but many people in Andhra are still unhappy. They are unable to digest the concept of ‘division of state’. The words heard from the mouths of many such people are ‘State would not have been divided if YSR was alive’. Is it the right way of thinking?




“If YSR was alive, TRS would have been void, since many senior and prominent leaders whould have jumped into congress. KCR would have kept calm as he would be alone”, say many people. The very same people protest that special status has not been awarded to Andhra Pradesh, vows made in election campaign and other announcements by the PM are not being fulfilled. Putting aside the two concepts of separate Telangana state and special status to AP state, let us have a look into other matters.

YSR was a political leader who triggered the concept of separate Telangana state, being unable to face Nara Chandrababu Naidu directly. He was the one who got a letter written to Sonia Gandhi by Chinna Reddy. YS Rajasekhara Reddy was the person who became the CM because of his good relations with TRS which emerged with the concept of separate Telangana state and he was the one who provided ministries to TRS MLAs. It was during his term as CM that central government added the separate state matter to Common Minimum program and the President’s speech. After all this, during 2009 elections, YSR made clear in the parliament that the then state government has no issues with forming Telangana as a separate state. Rosaiah’s committee was also set up by YSR. All these were done by him for power. But a few people grieve that if YSR was alive, he would have kept the state united, atleast by bribing TRS MLAs.

If there is nothing wrong in fixing deals for keeping the state united, what was wrong in Sonia fixing deals with Andhra MPs? PM’s promise of special status to AP not being fulfilled is saddening people of Andhra (a few). Why is it not understood that they suffer the same pain if president had not fulfilled the vow of separate Telangana state?

When they expect that democracy and constitutionalism in case of Andhra Pradesh, how could they say that a person being undemocratic and unconstitutional is not wrong? We are worried that Andhra Pradesh MPs had been attacked and live was cut off at the time of approving state division act. But we are not reminding ourselves that Kiran Kumar Reddy’s government making conclusions in absence of Telangan MLAs. These double standers and oversmart politics have all led Andhra Pradesh to pathetic state.

Division act has caused great injustice to AP. Central government drowning Ap in matters like allocation of funds, assets etc is true. People of AP should concentrate on how they should fight against it through democracy and constitutionality. It would all be a waste of time thinking ‘if YSR was alive’ or ‘if Chandrababu won 2009 election’…Also, it is not the right way of thinking.



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