12/18/15 5:34 PM

Ilayaraja Fires on Media Reporter

Case has been filed against actor  Simbu and music composer Anirudh by Coimbatore police over indecent representation of women in Beep song. It has already been reported that Anirudh also revealed that he has no connection with the song and sent an made an open statement about the same. Meanwhile, some sections of media are busy collection opinion of various stars and technicians in film industry about this. When they did the same with music maestro Ilayaraja, they were shocked to see his reaction. Recently, when media people asked for Ilayaraja’s opinion on Beep Song, he fired on the media reporter who posed the question.
Ilayaraja was angered when a person asked the question. He replied, “Do you have any sense?, First answer me this… do you have senses? Why do you pose this question to me, have we come here over this issue?” The question was posed to him after a college function. All the others tried to calm the situation down and said it was not the right place to ask that question.

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