08/27/15 7:43 AM

Ileana Can Never Imagine Ranbir Kapoor as a Brother

ranbir ileana



Actress Ileana D’Cruz stated that she can never imagine Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor as a brother of her’s. Ileana launched an online shopping portal recently in Delhi. When a news reporter asked her which co-star she feels like a brother, Ileana gave a clear-cut answer. She simply said none of them. When she was asked if she could atleast imagine any star as her brother, she said that she does not know about other heroes but she could never imagine Ranbir Kapoor as a brother. While shooting for the film Barfi, Ranbir and Ileana moved closely with each other, say sources. It is known that the actress made some hot comments over sex. Ileana commented that there is not much awareness on sex in India and most people in the country look at sex in a different perspective.


ranbir ileana



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