03/14/16 5:25 PM

Ileana ‘s Last Chance


Goa beauty Ileana impressed Tollywood with her performance in films like Devadas and Pokiri. While her career in TFI was on high, she slowly shifted to Bollywood. With the super success of 2012 film Barfi, Ileana became pretty famous there. But in the next four years after Barfi, the actor appeared only in three films, which were disasters.

Bollywood is always full of sizzling young actors, whose competition Ileana was unable to stand. Critics say that the actress will soon fade out of Bollywood since she has no new offers and her past films were disappointing. Ileana is now part of Akshay Kumar starrer Rusthum. Bollywood circles say that this film would be the deciding one for Ileana. Rusthum is up for release on August 12th. We have to see what happens with Ileana ‘s last chance.



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