01/7/16 3:20 PM

I’m Officially Virgin: Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is the actress who is well known to the entire world.  The hot actress is known for speaking her mind out without hesitation. Lawrence was shot to fame when she won Oscar for Silver Linings Playbooks film in 2013. Jennifer has recently posed for a hot photoshoot for the famous Glamour magazine. Also the actress gave straight forward answers to questions put forward to her.

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she would love to dress in lesbian style for the academy awards event that is soon going to be held. She said that she is not lesbian but however, she feels there is nothing wrong in dressing like one.

Speaking about the bikini photoshoot that she gave to the magazine, she questioned what is wrong in flaunting her assets. Lawrence said that she is officially virgin. She said that her teenage was very normal but not like most other people. Jennifer said that she stayed away from condoms and pills. The reason that she quotes for this is her mother being very strict.

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