01/20/16 4:36 PM

India Houses 2.36 Lakh Millionaires


India now houses as many as 2.36 lakh millioniares who own total individual wealth of Rs.2.96 lakh crores. According to Asia Pacific 2016 Wealth Reports by New World Health, India occupied fourth place on the list of top five Asian countries in terms of number of HNWI (High-Net-Worth Individuals). HNWI means those with net assets worth $1million or more. While Japan occupied first position on the list with 12 lakh millionaires, China stood second with 6.54 lakh millionaires and the third is Audtralia with 2.9 lakh of them. Sigapore (2.24 lakh) is fifth, Hong Kong (2.15 lakh) is sixth, South Korea is seventh (1.25 lakh), Taiwan is eighth (98 thousand), New Zealand (89 thousand) and Indonesia ranked 10th (48.5 thousand). India is among the top five Asian countries in terms of HNWI and is at the bottom in terms of per capita income.



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