10/20/15 4:51 PM

India Ranks Low in Road Safety Standards: WHO




India is ranked very low in World Health Organization (WHO) global road safety standards report 2015 with an approximate record of 2,07,551 deaths on roads. There has been a continuous rise in the number of road accidents since 2007 in the country. The number of deaths in road accidents in 2014 was 1,37,572. An NGO, SafeLife Foundation analyzed findings about Indian road safety by WHO found that the total number of accidents and suicides on roads combinedly amount to 1,41,526 deaths in 2014. Road accidents occur more in low and middle-income countries, whereas, in developed countries, it is not even half the number. Since two-wheelers, pedestrians and cycles are more vulnerable to accidents, WHO enforces on better facilities for them. Of the road safety policies like speed limits, use of helmets, using seat belts, reducing drunken driving and child restraint use, India meets the WHO criteria only in seat belts usage.



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