10/7/15 4:26 PM

Indian Army is the 5th Strongest in the World

indian anniversary

indian anniversary


Indian army has been ranked 5th strongest in the world. Credit Suisse conducted a study on world armies and ranked them based on strength. The USA army (0.94) was ranked 1st by Credit Suisse, followed by Russia (0.8), China (0.79) and Japan (0.72) in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. India (0.69) stood 5th on the list of strongest armies globally. Other countries that made to the list are France (0.61), South Korea (0.52), Italy (0.52), Britain (0.5) and Turkey (0.47). Pakistan ranked 11th with after scoring 0.41. May be Pakistan should make a note of India’s rank.



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