08/1/15 5:11 AM

Indian Borderline Changed

india border

india border


True! Indian border has been changed. The 68-year-old conflict between Indian and Bangladesh came to an end with intervention of Modi. Bangladesh which was once part of India went into Pakistan after bifurcation. It later parted from Pakistan into a separate country. Borderline conflict has been running between India and Bangladesh since many years. Some Indians reside on a certain area of land belonging to Bangladesh. These areas are called Indian Conclaves. In the same way, some Bangladeshis reside on Indian land that is called Bangladeshi Concvlaves. Issue has been continuing that Bangladeshi land in which Indians live should be handed over to India and Indian land where Bangladeshis live should be handed over to Bangladesh. This has finally come to an end now. The 111 Indiaan Conclaves (similar to colonies) in Bangladesh are being given away to India by Bangladesh. With this, the 37,000 Indians residing there now become a part of India. In the same way, the 51 Bangladeshi conclaves in India are being given away to Bangladesh, making 14,000 Bangladeshis a part of their own country. The changes have come into effect from midnight on 31st july. As Indian conclaves are merging with India, people started celebrating from midnight itself. Swapping of Conclaves, modifications in maps will take time till the month of November. The entire process requires around Rs.3,000 crores. Let us now welcome the 37,000 Indians who are now a part of India.

Dear brothers and sisters… Welcome to our motherland..



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