09/22/15 2:45 PM

Indian IT Companies Pay Lowest Salaries

india it lowest pay

A survey found that Indian IT companies pay very low salaries compared to those in other countries. India stood 7th on the list of worst paymasters in the world. While a mid-level IT Manager is paid $41,312 on average, an employee at the same level who works in Switzerland earns $1,71,465 (approx. four times more) according to world IT survey 2015 by My HiringClub.com.


india it lowest pay


Bulgarian IT companies ($25,680) are the least paying ones followed by Vietnam ($30,938) and Thailand ($34,423). Switzerland occupied first position ($1,71,465) followed by Belgium ($1,52,430), Denmark ($1,38,920), the Unites States ($1,32,877) and the United Kingdom ($1,29,324).

The survey revealed that India is the most-preferred outsourcing location due to low-cost. MyHiringClub.com’s survey also states that scenario might totally be different in future. The survey compared the total annual cash compensation and total remuneration information of the mid-career level for IT employees in 9,413 companies across 40 different countries during the month of August, 2015.




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