09/9/15 9:49 AM

Indian Mahesh Ramanujam as USGBC’s New CEO


Prestigious American NPO named USGBC announced Mahesh Ramanujam of India as its next CEO. He will be replacing the current CEO Rick Fedrizzi at the end of 2016, when Rick’s contract expires. Mahesh Ramanujam is currently the COO of USGBC (U.S Green Building Council), which is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in how green buildings are designed, built, and operated.


Mahesh Ramanujam is based out of Chennai and is highly talented. He joined as senior vice-president of USGBC in 2009 and was made the Green Business Certification President by the organization in 2012. “Mahesh has a highly impressive track record of success in both his role as USGBC’s COO and as president of Green Business Certification Inc. He is a proven leader who has exhaustive knowledge of the organization, respect from its volunteer leadership and strong support from its team. He has extensive global experience and broad business acumen. He is the perfect choice to lead the organization into the future,” said USGBC Board Chairperson Marge Anderson.



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