08/26/15 9:23 AM

Indrani Mukherjea’s Daughter was Killed, Not Sister!


Murder case on Indrani Mukherjea, wife of Peter Mukherjea, former CEO of Star India has witnessed a new twist. Indrani Mukherjea was accused of her alleged role in the 2012 murder of Sheena, who was termed as Indrani’s sister. Mumbai police recently stated that Sheena is Indrani’s daughter and not sister. Going into detail…




It is known that Indrani Mukherjea was interrogated by a team of Mumbai police after she was arrested on Tuesday. She reportedly confessed during the investigation that Sheena Bora was her daughter and not sister. Sheena’s brother Mikhail Bora confirmed her statement. “My sister was killed, I have no doubt about that, I had no clue when Sheena was dead, whenever I checked, Indrani always claimed Sheena is abroad and busy with her studies. I lost contact with Indrani in 2014. Sheena and I lived in Guwhati till 2004, after which I was unable to contact her,” said Mikhail. It is known that Indrani had some property dispute with Sheena.



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