09/2/15 7:40 AM

Injection Psycho Arrested in AP

injection psycho

Injection psycho who scared away women in West Godavari district was arrested by police. He had reportedly hidden himself. When police force of around 250 started searching for the Injection psycho in about 5 mandals, interrogating every man who seemed suspicious, he was caught by the Veeravasaram police. However, the news is not yet announced by police officially.


injection psycho


News that Injection Psycho was arrested is a kind of relief to women, students and police. About 18 women were attacked by the psycho. People in West Godavari district were terrified as psycho wandered about in the region, attacking women and girls who were found alone on roads with needles. Government of AP earlier announced reward of Rs.1 lakh to anyone who provides information about the psycho. WG District SP Bhaskar Bhushan announced on Monday in Bhimavaram that there were no attacks since 26th august. Official announcement on the matter is yet to be made.



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