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Swacch Bharat Ideas-6 Things to do for Clean India



Cleanliness has always been a question in Indian towns and cities. Overflowing dustbins roadside, overflowing drains, urinating and excreting on the roadside, spitting everywhere, dumping waste in barren lands and…many more on the list. I situation is left uncontrolled, there is a chance of dreadful epidemic breaking out in the country. Narendra Modi initiated Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan to prevent it. Cleaning roads for an hour, clicking pictures, media coverage, motivating people for just 4 days will bring no change in the scenario. In order to eradicate the ‘no cleanliness’ issue, korada.com is presenting to you a few valid points which are easy to perform. Have a look at the below mentioned points. Share it if you like it. Share the story till it reaches the eyes of government. For better and clean environment around your house, your office, on the roads that you travel… One Like, One Share please..!


1.Arranging dustbins with lids; 1 person to maintain them


public dustbin with lid


Dustbins that exist on the roadside need not have to be filthy. Until people get used to using dustbins properly ie., for around 6 months, a person should be held responsible to see that they do not spill it around the bin. Responsibilities should be given to local biggies to check maintenance of atleast one dustbin in their area. Right from a small company to a large one, from a small leader to a great one, whoever interested can take over the responsibility. “This dustbin is maintained by…” should be written, allowing them to specify their name.


2.Donate for Garbage Collection Vehicles


garbage truck


We cannot avoid covering our noses whenever a garbage truck passes by. In order to avoid this, garbage trucks should be handed over to advertising companies. They should asked to maintain the trucks neatly, providing them the facility of advertising on those trucks, in return to the maintenance.


3.Free usage of Toilets


Public-toilet free


Toilets should be provided for usage, free of cost. The reason is that many people prefer using roads to using paid toilets. Providing free usage of public toilets will help avoid dirtying of roads. Government should spend money for neat maintenance of public toilets. If situation demands, paid toilets may also be arranged beside free toilets. People will make use of which one they feel better.


4.Roadside Beggars and Retards should be sent to Welfare Homes




Beggars and retarded people seen on roads attend nature’s call on the roadside. This not only leads to dirtying of roads but also gives rise to various contagious diseases. So, they should immediately be sent to welfare homes and begging should be eradicated in towns and cities.


5.Associations in streets & colonies should be assigned responsibilities


colony association meet


Responsibilities of maintaining cleanliness should be ssigned to associations in respective streets and colonies of an area. Workers should also be assigned to them so that they take keen interest in looking after the hygiene in their own areas.


6.Roads & Streets should be Adopted


adopt a street


Every street should be adopted. Neatly maintaining public urinals, checking out which places in the area are being used for urination on roads by public and arranging a person to prevent them, neatly maintaining dustbins…all these should be ensured by the one who adopts a street. Some political leaders are adopting some areas in Hyderabad as a part of the Swacch Hyderabad campaign. Other private companies should be asked to do the same.

Government can accomplish all the 6 tasks mentioned above within a month. This does not even require huge funds. Determination is enough to get rid of cleanliness crisis. So, let us share the post till our government makes a move. Please share with and tag any government officials or political leaders that you know. Let us all strive together to achieve clean towns and cities. Jai Swacch Bharat!



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