05/23/15 7:01 AM

IPL Protocol Violations; Girls Found in Players’ Rooms


The BCCI anti-corruption unit’s chief Ravi Sawani has mentioned in a letter that some IPL players have violated rules. Some cricketers have spent nights with girls, some met many outsiders, said the letter. It was also mentioned that of co-owner Preity Zinta of Kings XI Punjab hosted a cruise party on Mumbai sea shore for players of her team. The party was arranged by some of her friends, wrote Ravi Sawani. He made clear that those persons were involved in the ACSU scanner for betting activities in 2013.




A CSK player spent from 10pm to 6 am with agirl in his room in a hotel in Mumbai.  When asked to explain, he referred to her as a good friend, said the letter. Another player of CSK also spent one whole night with a woman and when asked for explanation, he said that she was close to him and they are soon planning to get married, said Sawani. The very same woman was earlier found along with Sri Santh and a few other IPL players.  In the letter it was aso mentioned that the number of visitors to two players of Sunrisers’ team is more and a foreign player of Punjab team allowed his non-cricketer friend to stay in his room, mentioned Ravi Sawani in his letter. But BCCI did not respond on these issues. It just ordered that players provide explanation for such behavior and put the matter aside.


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